29 July 2011

Thinking Paper # 38: Bit of Pickle

By Roger Daring


News of Eric Pickles’ (commonly known in Westminster as ‘The Pickler’) Localism Bill has reached the IIPBA team and prompted us to investigate the following problem: Is Eric Pickles a doppelganger of ‘Mole’ from Wind in the Willows?

The Results

When we put the staggering aesthetic similarity to the British public:

• 32% thought that ‘doppelganger’ was a German techno outfit from the 1980’s
• 94% did not know who we meant until we referred to Eric as ‘The Pickler’
• 47% said that they would rather lay with Mole in his underground burrow than touch Eric’s pickle

Concluding remarks

1. Being the evil twin of a nature loving Mole could explain Eric’s urge to open our entire countryside to corporate development.

2. Pickle is an unfortunate surname for Eric.


  1. Tim Massingberd-James1 August 2011 at 21:41

    As you know, I'm in Wales on an IIPBA field trip examining the effect of Alisdair Burt's odd voice on Welsh-speaking animals at heights of more than 1,000 metres, and I've just read a piece in Cambrian News over the shoulder of an old lady on the S97 bus from Beddgelert to Tremadog describing Roger Daring's first paper as "A Triumph, *****."


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