22 July 2011

Thinking Paper # 34: Who would David Cameron invite to his slumber party?

By Ron Ford Golightly


We recently learnt that David Cameron has "never held a slumber party" nor has he seen Rebekah Brooks "in her pyjamas" (but what about her underpants?). This begs the question: who would David Cameron invite to a slumber party?

The Detail

We asked all 53,000 staff at News International who they thought he should invite and they all said "me". Rupert Murdoch added that he had sent the Prime Minister a picture of Brooks in her pyjamas to get him "warmed up". Our contacts in No10 informed us that the Prime Minister would also like to invite his favourite darts player, Andy "the Viking" Fordham, actor and abusee Grant Mitchell and Guardian journalist Simon Hoggart. When we told our No10 contacts that all of the invitees were white and male they said that the Prime Minister would probably get Nick Clegg to dress up as Baroness Warsi to bump up the "ethnic" numbers.

Concluding comments

Regardless of whether David Cameron holds a slumber party or not for the staff at News International, he and all other future Prime Minister's will continue to court Rupert Murdoch or whoever else happens to own really powerful newspapers and media outlets. They're definitely "all in it together" and this sits a bit heavy in the stomach of the IIPBA but that seems to be the way that it is regardless of how good Rebekha Brooks looks in her pyjamas.

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