20 July 2011

Thinking Paper # 33: Toby Young - An open letter

By Ron Ford-Golightly


With all this stuff about sexy Asian wifes (.com) and aging Australians, I'd hate for the world to forget about the post bureaucratic age (PBA). That is why it is so pleasing that Toby Young, journalist, Big Society cheerleader and one of the 12 prophets of the post bureaucratic age, recently accused the government of reneging on their post bureaucratic dreams. Young told the CIPFA conference in Birmingham that ministers last year appeared to believe in a ‘post-bureaucratic age’, but are now too scared of a world without bureaucracy to see their convictions through. He then accused them of fearing the accountability for any failures and so had imposed burdensome restraints on things like the school of Toby Young and other such things. For this, we say "thank you" Toby, and issue an open letter / invite.

The Letter

Dear Mr Young,

I am writing to you as the co-Director of the Institute for Ideas in a Post Bureaucratic Age (IIPBA), a progressive think tank with a holistic vision to create a critical space for post-bureaucratic discourse, to first of all thank you for your work on the PBA agenda and secondly, to make you an offer.

We are seven months into our venture and strongly feel that now is the time to reach out to other PBA crusaders and for this reason, we would like to invite you to take up a place on the board of the IIPBA. At this stage, the role is unpaid. However, if you were to accept this position, you would be entitled to an IIPBA t-shirt, a free massage and a guiding influence over the direction and work of the IIPBA. If you were to decline the position you can still have a free t-shirt.

We greatly admire your work and, on a completely unrelated topic, we think that you carry your baldness as well as, if not better than a) Nick Robinson and b) Harry Hill.

Myself and Tim (my partner and co-Director) would gladly meet to speak further about this position and answer any questions you have.

Kind regards and I look forward to hearing from you,

Ron Ford Golightly

Co-Director, IIPBA

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