20 July 2011

Live(ish)blog - Cameron Statement

With Tim Massingberd-James

11.45ish - Cameron slightly changes terms of inquiry or something

11.50ish - Cameron condemns something in strongest possible terms

Live drawings from Miguel:

11.55ish - Miliband says something about hacking

11.56ish - Miliband says something about Weeting

11.56ish - Bird arrives outside my window, starts pecking ground

11.56ish - MPs say 'ooh' or something and Miliband says 'compromised' *loudly*

11.58ish - Phew, This Morning is on the other side.

12.02ish via sms from Ronnie Ford-Golightly - George Osborne wistfully asks 'Where is Gordon Brown?'

12.06ish - Basher Davis says something about Damian Green.

12.09ish - Jack Straw (You know, Will Straw's Dad) asks something, makes Cameron angry for some reason

12.10ish - John Whittingdale stands. Tories shout 'hear, hear'. Some assurances asked for, Cameron agrees etc etc

12.25ish via sms from Ronnie Ford-Golightly - Nick Clegg stares into the mid distance and pretends he's holidaying on Lake Titikaka

12.28ish - David Lammy asks about sausages. Must be lunchtime.

12.29ish - Cameron presents horrifying image of Rebekah Brooks and Gordon Brown in pyjamas. I think I've gone blind.

12.38ish via sms from Ronnie Ford-Golightly - Theresa May looks regretful that she ever became a politician

We're down to Edward Leigh now. Awesome jumpers but he's not an agenda-setter.


14.23 - Ron Ford Golightly returns from a long, pleasant lunch to see it is still going on. Poor Nick Clegg...

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