5 July 2011

Thinking Paper # 25: Michael Gove: Fact and Fiction

By Ronnie Ford Golightly


The second edition of our fact and fiction series arrives at the doors of the Department for Education. Not much has been made of Michael Gove in the press of late. We suspect he doesn't have as many friends in the press as George. However, our surveys suggest that he's quite a boring man, so we made a few things up which I hope you will enjoy.

Fact or Fiction?

  • Michael Gove knows more about Tony Blair than Tony Blair does.
  • He's read so many books about Blair and the New Labour years that sometimes he makes his wife do New Labour role plays with him. He plays Frank Dobson, the former Health Secretary.
  • His favourite former Health secretary is Frank Dobson.
  • He is part of the "Notting Hill Set" - the "set" also includes Hugh Grant, Kat from Eastenders and Julia Robert's character from the film with a similar name.
  • He is worth £3m less than George Osborne, but £1m more than the IIPBA (how much is George Osborne said to be worth? Readers who write in with the correct answer will win an IIPBA t-shirt)
  • His lips make up 70% of his face and produce 30% of the water vapour above the Department for Education building.
  • He once wore his trousers so high that he didn't need to wear a shirt. However, he still wore a tie.
  • He has been receiving voice coaching from George Osborne since 2001

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