10 July 2011

Thinking Paper # 26: Politicians haircuts - An insiders perspective

By Ronnie Ford-Golightly


Over the past month or so we've been interviewing hairdressers from across Britain in the hope of gaining an insight into the whys and wherewithals of our political masters haircuts. We showed 50 hairdressers pictures of several politicians, but the focus rested on Ed Balls and David Cameron. Set out below are their comments.

Ed Balls

The predominant feeling with Ed Balls is that his hair is too small for his head. Jill from Chelmsford said "it looks like he's wearing a really small wig". Tony from Tony&Guy said that "his hair is completely incompatible with his face... he needs a real makeover". He suggested a city style slick back. At the end of the interview, Tony offered to donate a £50 Tony&Guy voucher to the Labour party .

David Cameron

All 50 hairdressers were very impressed with the work that goes into the Prime Minister's comb back. We asked them how many hours a day they thought it would take to shape his hair in this fashion in order to cover his expanding bald spot. The average time given was 3-4 hours. However, the predominant feeling was that whilst the combover is quite a feat, the Prime Minister should wear his baldspot with pride. "Look at Nick Robinson" said Mike from Stoke, "now there's a handsome, bald man with strength and confidence".

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