28 June 2011

Thinking Paper # 22: Who's funnier: Dave or Nick?

By Ron Ford-Golightly


We got lazy on this one and just wanted to show you this picture. It's brilliant.

The Analysis

Nick cracks a joke, President Obama laughs, Cameron looks like the school bully who's been outdone by the geeky kid. In other news, David Cameron makes a joke about having sex with the wife of the MP for Wellingborough, Peter Bone.

Mr Peter Bone: Yesterday, I had a meeting with a constituent who I know can be very difficult at times. She was exceptionally happy and was singing the praises of the Prime Minister because we will not be involved in the Greek bail-out, and because after 2013 we will not be involved in any bail-outs. However, Mrs Bone wanted to know whether, if a bail-out came before 2013, Britain would vote no in any case, despite qualified majority voting. She would be very happy if the Prime Minister gave that undertaking, and it would be really helpful for the Bone household if he could.

The Prime Minister: I feel that a very big part of my life is spent trying to give pleasure to Mrs Bone. On this occasion, I can go only so far.

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