23 January 2012

Thinking Paper # 217: Can a woman pose in glossy magazines and be in favour of equality? A very brief history

A very brief history of people
Throughout the history of mankind, many humans have managed to be two things at once. A history of sexy Home Secretaries
Home Secretaries are humans.  Historically, they have also been a varied and notoriously sexy bunch.  Take William Petty, Home Secretary in the 1780's. He had at least three children by two wives and his alter ego was a Brazilian male escort called Huego.  He led the 18th century freedom movement for male escorts operating in the British Empire.  Elsewhere, the superbly named Aretas Akers-Douglas, Home Secretary 1902-05, was famous for his trouser bulge; said by contemporary commentators to be "intimidating".  He set up the world's first dating website for oversized men.
All of this AND they successfully carried out their duties as Home Secretary.  Are you listening Dacre?
Concluding comments
It should come as no surprise to the Daily Mail that someone can be two things at once and that the current Home Secretary can do a bit of sexy stuff in a glossy magazine and talk about issues of equality at the same time.  No surprise at all.  For other examples, see Paul Dacre.  Daily Mail editor and champion of Natalie Cassidy.  Very good Paul. 
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