3 December 2011

Saturday Thinking Points

After another weak of money, Jeremy Clarkson and Iran, the IIPBA gives you its Friday Saturday Thinking Points:
  • The Prime Ministers official spokesman, Jeremy Clarkson, spoke for the whole of the Chipping Norton set when he called for public sector strikers to be "shot". The Prime Minister reassured viewers on This Morning that Jeremy didn't mean what he said. The IIPBA believes Clarkson to be an intentionally antagonistic, angry old prick who needs to maintain a fictional persona in order to make a living.
  • George Osborne announced this week that he had a bum for a nose. Economic commentators were initially sceptical about the details around the announcement but then the OBR said that he definitely does have a bum for a nose and then everyone, including Stephanie Flanders said, "ok then". The IIPBA has known all of this for years.
  • Remember the Big Society, Free schools and the NHS reform? Good job. It's the economy all the way. Economy, economy, economy, economy, economy.
  • The Iranians rattle their sabre for war by getting some students to nick a picture of the Queen and John Travolta from the British Embassy in Tehran. The IIPBA is pushing for more really strongly worded statements from William "I'm very angry" Hague.

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